Here are 10 articles that every clothing entrepreneur should read.

Characteristics of successful clothing company owners

Your success is dependent on you. Here are a list of characteristics successful clothing companies have


Costs of Starting a clothing brand

This runs through the costs of starting your clothing brand. A lot of valuable insight into how much everything will cost


How to advertise and market your clothing line

Some basics about advertising and marketing. The biggest misconception is that advertising will take a lot of money and that isn’t true at all. There are so many different ways to do free advertising, this article mentions a few.


How to launch your clothing line

The launch of your brand is so important, here is some info on making it a success.


Why you should pay a professional to print your shirts

This was an interesting view from my friend Jimmy that owned Heartcore Clothing. I think everyone starting a clothing company has thought about getting screen printing equipment and doing it themselves. This is an article about how that may not be the best idea.


SEO secrets the high priced consultants aren’t telling you

Before this article the internet and google were a mystery to me. This got me started in the world of SEO and traffic and have built my site up to 40,000 visitors a month with mostly google traffic.


Stop trying to do it all and delegate

This was a huge turning point in my businesses. I stopped trying to fly solo and started hiring out work. It’s the step any successful entrepreneur needs to take.


It’s not all about the product

I liked this article because it was the very start of me moving away from the idea that the product is everything. The most important part of a business is creating that business system and running it like a well oiled machine.


How I became one of the top online t-shirt companies by being a nice guy

This is my personal story about getting traffic and bloggers to post about my clothing company by being nice.


How to get your cool t-shirts reviewed by a t-shirt blogger

Another great article about getting your shirt reviewed by bloggers. If you only do one thing for advertising I would suggest following the information in this post.

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