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Welcome to How to start a clothing company (HTSACC), the biggest website about how to start a clothing line.  If this is your first time here I would suggest reading  how NOT to start a clothing line. If you are wondering how much things cost read  costs of starting your own clothing line, and costs of starting your own clothing line (revisited). Want to know more about the legalities of starting a clothing line read the truth about copyrights and licensing, and how to copyright your t shirt design.

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How NOT To Start A T-Shirt Company

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The definitive guide from the clothing company entrepreneur Justin Merm. His rules for success are to think, plan everything, brand it, raise capitol, start small, get a great printer, make a great website, be different, and have fun. Along with his advice he tells you what not to do. Read the article so you don’t make the same mistakes.

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Characteristics of Successful Clothing Company Owners

There are certain characteristics I see in entrepreneurs that are the key for success. Positivity, being passionate, knowing your market and customer, having a niche, testing everything, recalibrating, and being a person instead of a business are all crucial to succeed in your own clothing line. Read this article for a detailed list of what it takes.

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Fail Fast, it’s the quickest way to succeed

The classic mindset is to try to get a business plan or product 95% right before taking action. This is great in theory, but it rarely works. The alternative is to get your idea about 50% right, then let customers tell you what your mistakes are. Listen, learn, get it 50% right, and put your idea through the process again. Keep at it until your customers say, “Wow!” Instead of debating options internally, you’ll be making your idea real, taking it to customers, and learning as it fails.

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Why You Should Pay A Professional To Print Your Shirts

When you start a screen printing company, you lose focus on what is really important – your bread and butter – your clothing line. If your line is making good money the absolute WORST thing you can do is start screen printing. Instead of focusing on designing, promoting, and improving your clothing line, you are now focusing on a completely different business.

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How to advertise and market your clothing line


So probably the greatest misconception when it comes to marketing is that advertising makes a brand successful. That statement is completely FALSE! It’s not the advertising that makes a brand famous; it’s the products and branding. Of course, you may have heard a few cases where people got lucky because someone saw Justin Timberlake wearing their shirt, but more times than not, advertising is used for different means. Advertising and marketing a clothing line is what maintains a brand’s success, it never creates it. Advertising and marketing should be used to supplement your brand. So before reading this article, remove that from your head. Without a great product you’ll never be truly successful regardless of your marketing.

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How to launch your clothing line

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Well, that really shouldn’t be a question, because EVERYONE knows that your launch is maybe the single most important release for your clothing company. So let’s cover what we’ve learned so far… You now understand how much money you’ll need to run and start your company, and you now have a kickass website. So what’s next? You need to have some badass products for your release. Of course, this whole preparation would take several weeks or maybe months, so let’s pretend that the process has been sped up, and you’ve already done said things.

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Copyrights and licensing for clothing lines


I know what you’re thinking…you have an awesome idea for a shirt, but it’s using a well known, copyrighted character. “Hmm,” you say, “I could probably get away with it, right? I mean, it’s not like [insert major corporation here] own every aspect of the character. Besides, what I’m really doing is a parody and hardly looks like it…yeah, it’ll be ok…right?” Sound familiar? Read this article to understand what is legal and illegal in the world of shirt design.

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