Marketing - Part 3
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Review the latest articles dedicated to “Marketing” category written by HTSACC editorial team. Contact us to learn more about modern marketing concept in starting clothing company!

Do’s And Don’ts: Getting Your T-Shirts Reviewed

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

The genesis for this article was an email I received a few days ago from a new clothing line (who shall rename nameless) that was also sent to about a dozen other blog owners in the industry. I know this for a fact because it the author of the email used CC instead of BCC, allowing myself and all the other addressees to see exactly who he had sent it to.

Selling With Social Media

Categories: Marketing|

5000 Twitter Friends in 90 Days

Categories: Marketing|

originally posted on tee biz

Interview with Paul Baines from

Categories: Interviews, Marketing, Store Owners|

Almost two months ago, Assault had the honor of being reviewed by  After reading what came from that review, I felt compelled to dig in on the mind of Paul, co-owner and main contributor [...]

It’s all about timing: selling seasonal shirts

Categories: Marketing|

When it comes to seasonal shirts timing is everything. I created the shirt “Live every week like it’s shark week” last year during a t-shirt competition and got them printed just in time for shark [...]

Building Brand Loyalty Amongst Your Customers

Categories: Marketing|

A product is a blend of multiple features which is positioned and distinguished by way of some special offering to establish it as a brand. And, if a customer is loyal towards a particular brand, [...]

Myspace Marketing (for Your Clothing Line)

Categories: Marketing|

ocial networks are great tools for promotion to many small businesses. Myspace marketing is becoming more and more common, and nearly every business has a Myspace page. Does yours? If not, well I guess you [...]

An Advanced Strategy To Sell More T-Shirts

Categories: Marketing|

Plenty of t-shirt sites offer specials. Buy three get one free, free shipping of orders totaling a certain amount, percentage off an order and a bunch of others to increase the amount of the purchase. [...]

Engaging Your Visitors Will Sell More Tee Shirts

Categories: Marketing|

When someone gets involved they tend to be more committed to something than someone just passing by. When people interact online they may be doing a multitude things like instant messaging while surfing the web. [...]

SEO for Apparel and T-Shirt Companies

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Marketing|

Tim Toomey from Assault Blog and Assault Shirts talks about how to get SEO results without spending a lot of money. He gives some great tips for keyword strategies, blog strategies and coding strategies.

Creating A Viral Marketing Campaign For Your Brand

Categories: Marketing|

The focus of viral marketing is the fact that it has the ability to replicate itself without any outside assistance. A viral marketing campaign is one which allows and motivates customers who are exposed to [...]

Using Special Offers To Sell More Tee Shirts

Categories: Marketing|

As a whole, humans are programmed to avoid loss and danger. Without this basic instinct, the human race would have a difficult time surviving. Subconsciously, humans are constantly watching for cues that might suggest danger [...]

5 Steps To Successfully Managing Your Clothing Brand

Categories: Marketing|

I saw this post by Rachelle Hynes on behance and thought it was a really simple checklist about what you should be doing with your clothing brand. One thing that I wanted to add is [...]

Branding Your T-Shirt Business

Categories: Marketing|

Creating a brand identity is one of the most important aspects of building a successful clothing line. Your brand identity is how your customers are able to identify your business, and is achieved by any [...]

Selling Tee Shirts Through Social Networking

Categories: Marketing|

Some of the most visited sites daily on the internet are various social networks. The largest demographic of these sites are the people who purchase the most tee shirts of any other group. There are [...]

How to Sell T-Shirts Using Twitter

Categories: Marketing| has become very popular in today’s internet world. A February 2009 blog entry ranks Twitter as the third largest social network (behind Facebook and MySpace), puts the number of users at roughly 6 [...]

Discover Your Market: A look at something new

Categories: Marketing|

Two important things When taking on the endeavor of a new market it is always important to realize and address couple things. The first is that you must realize that you are doing something new. [...]

SEO – Secrets the high priced consultants aren’t telling you

Categories: Marketing|

I'm not going to add to the gigantic list of of great SEO resources and basic SEO 101 strategies that you can easily find all over the web. Instead, I'm going to go over a few secrets that I have developed specifically for my online store, Assault Apparel, that will help those of you who are like me and don't have any sort of money to use for marketing and PPC like some of the other t-shirt shops around town.

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