Shopify Responsive Website Design

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I recently did a website for Boston Scally using Shopify to power it. Shopify is my favorite e-commerce solution as a designer and also gives the most power and is easy to use for the client. I would recommend Shopify for anyone starting a clothing line.

The best t-shirt tag designs

t shirt tags ugmonk

One of the most overlooked details in starting your own clothing line is the t-shirt tags. When I say tags, I am specifically talk about the tags hidden away on the inside of your shirt. The tag that never sees the light of day, and is usually an afterthought. So after coming across some incredibly creative tags that in my mind add value and personality to a brand I decided to put together a list of companies that do an incredible job with their custom tags.

10 best Bigcartel store examples


I recently wrote an in depth review on big cartel for clothing lines and thought it would be nice to also showcase the best bigcartel store examples. These sites stand out from the rest and really push what can be done in bigcartel. Custom slideshows, layouts, type, and menus all come together to make these sites stand out from the rest and make them the best bigcartel stores.

Shirt Jobs, a new t-shirt job board


Shirt Jobs is a t-shirt job board and was created to help clothing companies and talented designers connect with each other and make the world a better looking place. Please check out I would love to hear any feedback or comments you might have to make this site better. Below is an overview of Here is […]

What items can I sell besides t-shirts?


This article was originally written by Ray Masaki of Lowdtown This is a really good question, but the answer obviously depends on what you consider your demographic to be. But one thing that is definitely important regardless of your demographic is that the product should be unique and professional. Try to steer clear of bandwagon […]

Custom packaging that won’t break the bank


This article was originally written by Ray Masaki of Lowdtown Custom packaging is one of those things that are icing on the cake. I think it’s awesome when I get a package that comes in an awesome box, or custom mailer, but it usually ends up in the trash regardless. The only thing I really […]

How to achieve a professional look on a tight budget


This is probably a topic that most, if not all, indie brands think about. I know most of you reading this and interested in starting a clothing brand have considered ways to spend less money while still looking professional. Unless you have some sort of substantial backing, chances are that you’re going to try to […]

How has technology helped and hurt the t-shirt community?


This article was originally written by Ray Masaki of Lowdtown This topic was suggested by my buddy and fellow New Yorker, Bryan of Doctor Hazmat, who I incidentally met after first talking to him via twitter. It’s certainly an interesting question, but unfortunately I probably hold a heavy lean towards the idea that technology has […]