Jon Kruse | How to start a clothing company - Part 5
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About Jon Kruse

I run this blog and have a web development company called Double Dragon Studios. Send us an email if you are looking for any web work to be done.

The facebook comment widget rocks

Categories: News|

Allowing customers to comment on your products is a great way to get them involved more in your company. In the past users had to sign into your e-commerce site to leave comments. You would [...]

Characteristics of Successful Clothing Company Owners

Categories: Starting Out|

There are certain characteristics I see in entrepreneurs that are the key for success. Positivity, being passionate, knowing your market and customer, having a niche, testing everything, recalibrating, and being a person instead of a business are all crucial to succeed in your own clothing line. Read this article for a detailed list of what it takes.

Jonas Bevacqua found dead

Categories: News|

An autopsy was scheduled Wednesday for the co-founder of an Orange County-based clothing company found dead in his Laguna Beach home, authorities said. Jonas Bevacqua, 33, helped found LRG, or Lifted Research Group, in 1999 [...]

Denzel Washington’s 2011 commencement speech

Categories: Inspirational|

I started watching this speech and it is pretty bad in the beginning but I let it keep going while I made some food. At 6:45 is when it starts getting good and I would [...]

Storenvy Review: Storenvy falls short of its promises

Categories: E-commerce|

Disclaimer: This is an old review and some of the information isn't correct anymore. I am working on a new one with accurate information. I was excited for storenvy when it was released but it [...]

Stop emailing me!

Categories: News|

Let me start out by saying I don't mind getting email and I like helping people out..... but most of the emails I get are all the same. It's usually someone that stumbles across my [...]

I’ve almost reached 1k comments on this site

Categories: News|

I was checking my stats today and am 14 comments shy of reaching 1k comments. That's an average of 5.3 comments per post. Thanks for all the feedback guys.

New e-book about starting a clothing company: releases on 4/19

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

Threads not Dead is an e-book written by Jeff Finley of Go Media with the help of many big names in the clothing industry (including myself). Here is the description What if the most prolific [...]

Top 5 mistakes in ecommerce design

Categories: Design, E-commerce|

1. Splash Page A splash page is the landing page of your site where it has a flash animation or just text that says “Enter”. A simple google search will show you tons of articles [...]

Bigcartel just got better – ecommerce analytics

Categories: E-commerce|

Bigcartel just introduced this new feature to allow google analytics on your store. This isn't anything new but now you can get e-commerce data which is amazing news. What this will allow in google analytics [...]

Webinar with Ben of Fright Rags

Categories: E-commerce, Marketing, Starting Out|

How to start a clothing line - webinar with Ben of Fright Rags from Jonathan Kruse on Vimeo.

Online Webinar Thursday, March 3 at 1:30pm (EST) with Ben of Fright Rags

Categories: News|

Ben has written a couple articles for me in the past and is one of the most insightful clothing company owners I know. If you're serious about starting a clothing company don't miss this great [...]

New Threadbird site plus Free Shirts

Categories: News|

Threadbird 2.0 is now live! What’s New? - We print more than just t-shirts! We offer Offset Printing (Business Cards, Postcards and More), Stickers, Buttons and Screen Printed Posters! - More information on all [...]

Social Brading Basics

Categories: Marketing|

I saw this on Combining social media marketing with traditional branding efforts may be the wave of the future. After all branding is one area social media can help social media the most, establishing [...]

Viral Marketing On Facebook 102

Categories: Marketing|

Another legit tip for start up brands and any product based company in general, this one will save you money. I have spent a lot of hours with clients discussing each detail and option that [...]

Viral Marketing On Facebook 101

Categories: Marketing|

Simple, free and only takes a few seconds. Viral marketing on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to brand your company and get more sales. There are a few techniques that I have [...]

Getting your line into boutiques/ shops

Categories: Starting Out|

What you should know before you approach a boutique/shop Being in a room with two buyers can be a very tense situation. Throw on top of that inexperience and you are quickly driving down the [...]

Design Process for t-shirts

Categories: Design|

Written by Derek Deal I get asked a lot how i go about making my designs so i figured I’d give a general overview of how I work. The video above is a time lapse [...]

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