Jon Kruse | How to start a clothing company - Part 6
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About Jon Kruse

I run this blog and have a web development company called Double Dragon Studios. Send us an email if you are looking for any web work to be done.

T shirt Packaging

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

Written by Adam Hendle T shirt packaging is an interesting twist on tees that you really only encounter when buying t-shirts online. T shirt packaging represents the container or envelope your t-shirts arrive in and [...]

How to get more blogs to post about you

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

By Adam Hendle at I am the trend After having several companies ask how to get blogs to post about them I decided to throw this video together to give a few tips. 1. Be [...]

So what exactly do you do…

Categories: News|

Whenever I meet new people they inevitably ask me what I do. I usually just say I'm an entrepreneur and try and be as vague as possible because I really don't want to get into [...]

Shows: go big or go home

Categories: Marketing|

When I first started I sold shirts at community colleges. It only cost $25-50 for the day but I never made very many sales. Another vendor at one of the colleges told me to keep [...]

Effective Web Design

Categories: Design, E-commerce|

I am surprised I haven't written about web design in the past since it's what I have been doing the past two years at double dragon studios. There are a lot of things to think [...]

How much is enough?

Categories: News|

I was talking with my sister the other day and she was unhappy that she is still making 50k at her architecture job which is what she made 3 years prior. 50k to me is [...]

How much should you charge?

Categories: Business|

When I get new products like sunglasses or accessories sometimes I ask my friends how much they would buy them for. I've done this a few time and most of the time they come back [...]

It doesn’t matter how many friends or followers you have on social networking sites!

Categories: Marketing|

I think everyone has done it. Got some tool where they can send out hundreds of friend invites. It just isn't worth the time you put into it. Most of the people that will accept [...]

You’re self employed with your business, now what?

Categories: Starting Out|

In the beginning I worked as hard as I could to do everything. I wanted to make it and be able to live off of the clothing company I started. This made me work long [...]

Make Decisions

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

I've been reading the 37signals book called Rework and I really liked what they had to say about making decisions Decisions are temporary so make the call and move on Done. Start to think of [...]

how NOT to contact a T-shirt blogger

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

This was originally posted by Dejan at Tee Zine Tee zine is around for quite some time now, and as you may presume I get a LOT of emails from various T-shirt labels, asking if [...]

Print to order sites don’t work

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

Alright they work but they don't have your best interests at heart. There are sites like spreadshirt, zazzle, and cafe press that will take care of the printing and shipping to your customers but the [...]

Cashflow Quadrant

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

I was reading Cashflow Quadrant and I thought a lot of clothing companies could benefit from this information. The cash flow Quadrant has 4 sections. The left side is an Employee and Self-employed and the [...]

Craft Show Tips with SEIBEI

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

I talked with David Murray of Seibei a little bit about setting up at Craft Shows. Here are some of his words of wisdom. You can check out all my comments in red. STAY ORGANIZED [...]

Jake Nickell Interview

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

Here’s what I like about the interviews I’ve been doing over the past few weeks; I’m asking people I find interesting questions I want to hear the answers to. I guess it’s a little self-indulgent, [...]

Are Web Directories still important?

Categories: E-commerce, Marketing|

Directories are what people used before search engines. Yahoo use to just be a web directory, you submitted links to it and if they got accepted they would show up in their search. Today directories [...]

Is free shipping a good idea?

Categories: Business|

I had this discussion with my buddy David over at SEIBEI. I was thinking about raising my prices to include shipping, mostly so when retailers looked at my site they wouldn't see that we are [...]

Threadless: The Do-First Work Ethic

Categories: Inspirational|

Jeffrey Kalmikoff and Jake Nickell, co-founders of Threadless, talk about how they transformed a fun side project into a multimillion dollar company.

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