Jon Kruse | How to start a clothing company - Part 4
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About Jon Kruse

I run this blog and have a web development company called Double Dragon Studios. Send us an email if you are looking for any web work to be done.
  • Shopify for Clothing Business

Shopify review for clothing companies

Categories: E-commerce|

This is an older review. I have a new one about using Shopify for your e-commerce company here. I recently developed a e-commerce store to be in shopify instead of opencart. The client was having [...]

  • T-Shirt Packaging

Custom t-shirt packaging ideas

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Featured, Marketing|

Custom t-shirt packaging is something that can set your product and clothing line apart from everyone else. Here are some custom t-shirt packaging ideas to get you thinking outside the box.

We are now mobile phone friendly!

Categories: News|

10% of our views come from mobile phones so I put in a plugin that makes it easier for you to view this site on your mobile phone. Please comment to let me know if [...]

I finally got a twitter account for How to start a Clothing Company

Categories: News|

A long time coming. I finally got a twitter account. Add me by clicking here!/HTSACC  

How to get more likes on Facebook

Categories: Marketing|

I saw this on the Oatmeal and it is a great post for what not to do on Facebook, and hilarious as always.  Click the image below to view the whole post on Oatmeals website. [...]

10 articles every clothing entrepreneur should read

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Marketing, Printing, Starting Out|

Characteristics of successful clothing line owners, Costs of Starting a clothing line, How to advertise and market your clothing line, How to launch your clothing line, Why you should pay a professional to print your shirts, SEO secrets the high priced consultants aren’t telling you, Stop trying to do it all and delegate, It’s not all about the product, How I became one of the top online t-shirt companies by being a nice guy, How to get your cool clothing line reviewed by a t-shirt blogger

Stop setting limitations for yourself

Categories: Starting Out|

Limiting beliefs: the beliefs or decisions we make about ourselves and/or our model of the world that limit the way we live our life. We all do this. We tell ourselves that we can’t do something. I can’t cook, I can’t draw, I can’t be a boss for someone else. There is a great quote by Henry Ford “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right”. If you’re starting a clothing liney you need to push past those limiting beliefs and open your mind up to the possibilities that are out there.

Get more traffic with less work

Categories: Marketing|

I remember when I started I searched all the articles on t-shirt forums to figure out how to get traffic to my site. A lot of what people said to do was tedious and time [...]

How to find your total sales tax in paypal for 2011

Categories: Business|

I always use google to try and find answers to my questions but somehow I couldn’t find any good information on how to find the total sales tax for 2011. I figured it out myself [...]

Book Recommendations for Clothing Company Owners

Categories: Business, Design, E-commerce, Marketing, Starting Out|

I just put up a page for my book recommendations. You can check it out on the very top navigation of the site on the far right. Or you can just click here book recommendations [...]

4 hour work week

Categories: Business|

Going home for Christmas I have an 8 hour drive from Northern California to Southern California. I always use this time to load my mp3 player with a couple of audio books and try to [...]

Free Halftone Pattern Overlay

Categories: Design|

Working for Teefury, I sometimes have to modify art to reduce color counts to suit our 6 color maximum. I’ve uploaded this PATTERN OVERLAY that can be used from Layer Styles to fill a layer [...]

Screenprinting vs. Direct to Garment Digital Printing(DTG)

Categories: Printing|

I wrote this article for my blog, Tee Spotter. I review and write about clothing lines and similar topics. I figured this would be a good resource to post here. @Tee Spotter on Twitter Hey [...]

Blank t shirts – How to choose one

Categories: Featured, Starting Out|

When starting your clothing line, one of the many factors that come in to play is choosing what brand of apparel blank t shirt to print on. This is a big decision, there are many different levels of price, quality, material, and fit that you need to take into consideration before you order. But not to worry, I’m writing this article to help people just like you who need help picking what brand to use

It’s about how hard you can get hit

Categories: Starting Out|

saw this video recently and thought I would share.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. RIP Steve Jobs

Categories: Inspirational|

Fur Face Boy at Pool Tradeshow

Categories: Starting Out|

I posted Fur Face Boy's experiences at Pool last year and saw he had a new blog post up about his experiences this year. You can read his whole article here Early this week, I [...]

20% OFF Discount Code for Thread’s not Dead

Categories: Starting Out|

I have an exclusive discount code for the readers of my blog. Use the code "HOWTO20" for 20% off Thread's Not Dead. Threads not Dead is an e-book written by Jeff Finley of Go Media [...]

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