Starting Out - Part 2
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Review the latest articles dedicated to “Staring Out” category written by HTSACC editorial team. Contact us today to learn more!

Get Custom Pins Manufactured

Categories: Design, Printing, Starting Out|

Accessories are an important part to any clothing line. Getting custom pins manufactured is an easy way to add more options for your customers. My friend Greg from Miles to Go has been selling pins [...]

Interview with Ex-Boyfriend & BoredWalk

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

This interview is with Matt Snow and Meredith Erin who run Ex-Boyfriend and and BoredWalk Matt Snow, Chief Creative Officer: Head designer, responsible for execution of roughly 95% of the creative content across brands (Ex-Boyfriend [...]

What is the best blank t shirt brand to use

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

When it comes to blank t shirt brands, there are tons of options available. From the material, color, quality and intended use, you need to understand all aspects of the tees you select and how [...]

  • Epson

Misconceptions about Direct to Garment DTG t-shirt printing & the Epson F2000

Categories: Starting Out|

I have been operating professionally in the garment decoration business for 10+ years working with some of the countries most notable brands and production shops. The potential of DTG has been promising enough that I have worked with nearly every large DTG printer manufacturer since 2007. This article will address the common misconceptions of DTG and how the Epson SureColor F2000 has revolutionized the industry.

  • Haet Press Shirt

Why you should use Plastisol Transfers to Print T-Shirts

Categories: Business, Printing, Starting Out|

Plastisol Transfers are screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of directly on the shirt. Once the design is screen printed onto the paper, the printed heat transfer papers are shipped to your house. You can then use a heat press machine to print those designs onto your t-shirts, hoodies, or any other garment. These allows you to try the design on different colors and styles with less risk.

  • How to Design for Apparel Market - HTSACC

How to Design for the Apparel Market

Categories: Design, Featured, Marketing, Starting Out|

Want to know what shirt designs sell? It's not about artsy esoteric ideas, themes, and execution. Customers typically enjoy simplicity; generic ideas, easily understood and recognizable. Parodies and borrowed interest designs do well because there are already a built in market. Read more to find out what sells and how you can apply it to your clothing line.

  • Seibei - HTSACC

Interview with David Murray of Seibei

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

David Murray, owner of SEIBEI ( pronounced say-bay) answers some questions about starting a clothing company. "Bring something unique to the table, try something new, and decide what's important to you and what you want out of it. Be prepared to not make money for a while. Don't blow a bunch of money on needless vanity (specialized packaging, hang tags, labels, etc) straight out the gate."

Hunter S Thompson on the meaning of life

Categories: Starting Out|

In April of 1958, a 22 year-old Hunter S. Thompson wrote a letter on the meaning of life when asked by a friend for advice. Dear Hume, You ask advice: ah, what a very human and [...]

  • Miles To Go - HTSACC

What is a line sheet?

Categories: Starting Out|

A line sheet would be a printed catalog displaying the items you have for sale. It’s important to make a PDF version as a lot of people just open up emails and look online. The printed sheets are extremely helpful when selling at any trade shows or when approaching an account that you’d like to pick up.

Start a t-shirt business with no inventory

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Printing, Starting Out|

Great video overview of how to start a t-shirt business with shopify. In shopify you can use print on demand companies that take care of all of your printing and shipping. You end up making less profit in the beginning per shirt but you have no up front costs or inventory which can be costly when you start out.

How many shirts to get for your first t-shirt order

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

If you are starting a brand and wanting to jump into the world of t-shirts, deciding how many shirts of each design to get made in the initial run can be really confusing.  I’d like [...]

15 tips for new entrepreneurs

Categories: Starting Out|

15 tips for new entrepreneurs. 1. Anyone who tells you to fake it until you make it hasn’t made it. 2. Work harder than everyone else. 3. In the beginning you will be pulling double duty working and starting your business and you have to be willing to put in really long days. Too bad, we’ve all had to do the same thing.

How to Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Screen Printing

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

It may seem simple to prep artwork for screen printing, and it is, but there are a few key steps you should go through before sending it off the printer to ensure you are happy [...]

Custom Clothing Manufacturing Overseas: An Overview

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

You’re ready to take your clothing line to the next level and start manufacturing custom apparel overseas. It can be a very exciting but also overwhelming process, so let’s go through an overview of what [...]

How NOT To Start A T-Shirt Company

Categories: Featured, Starting Out|

The definitive guide from the clothing company entrepreneur Justin Merm. His rules for success are to think, plan everything, brand it, raise capitol, start small, get a great printer, make a great website, be different, and have fun. Along with his advice he tells you what not to do. Read the article so you don't make the same mistakes.

  • Shopify Platform Review - HTSACC

Why you should use shopify for your clothing company

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Starting Out|

I have been building e-commerce sites for the last 8 years with my web design company Double Dragon Studios. I have developed on a lot of different carts; big commerce, volusion, bigcartel, woocomerce, magento, opencart, [...]

  • Brain

Mastermind Group: Think and Grow Rich

Categories: Business, Marketing, Starting Out, Uncategorized|

Napolean Hill writes about the mastermind group as a key to success that will help you start your clothing company. A mastermind group is the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. So a group of people with common interests helping each other out. When I started out I made friends with a lot of designers and clothing company owners and picked their brains about everything. Our goal was to learn from each other and help each other succeed.

  • Storenvy

Storenvy Review 2013

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Starting Out|

Storenvy has made a lot of changes since my original review so I thought it would be good to go back and give them another review. They have made some good improvements with a responsive theme and better marketplace but there are still better options for someone starting a clothing line.