Starting Out - Part 4
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Storing and bagging your shirts

Categories: Starting Out|

Some tips from what I have learned over the years about storing tees. -NEVER hang them! After about a month or 2 the tees will get permanent crease marks and if they are a V-neck [...]

Getting your line into boutiques/ shops

Categories: Starting Out|

What you should know before you approach a boutique/shop Being in a room with two buyers can be a very tense situation. Throw on top of that inexperience and you are quickly driving down the [...]

T shirt Packaging

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

Written by Adam Hendle T shirt packaging is an interesting twist on tees that you really only encounter when buying t-shirts online. T shirt packaging represents the container or envelope your t-shirts arrive in and [...]

How to get more blogs to post about you

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

By Adam Hendle at I am the trend After having several companies ask how to get blogs to post about them I decided to throw this video together to give a few tips. 1. Be [...]

You’re self employed with your business, now what?

Categories: Starting Out|

In the beginning I worked as hard as I could to do everything. I wanted to make it and be able to live off of the clothing company I started. This made me work long [...]

Make Decisions

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

I've been reading the 37signals book called Rework and I really liked what they had to say about making decisions Decisions are temporary so make the call and move on Done. Start to think of [...]

how NOT to contact a T-shirt blogger

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

This was originally posted by Dejan at Tee Zine Tee zine is around for quite some time now, and as you may presume I get a LOT of emails from various T-shirt labels, asking if [...]

Print to order sites don’t work

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

Alright they work but they don't have your best interests at heart. There are sites like spreadshirt, zazzle, and cafe press that will take care of the printing and shipping to your customers but the [...]

Cashflow Quadrant

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

I was reading Cashflow Quadrant and I thought a lot of clothing companies could benefit from this information. The cash flow Quadrant has 4 sections. The left side is an Employee and Self-employed and the [...]

Stop trying to do it all and delegate

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

When I started mediocore about 2 years ago I wanted to do everything. I wanted to design the shirts and website, screen print everything, and do all the marketing myself. This is how a lot [...]

Lowdtown is Closing Down – Clearance Sale

Categories: Starting Out|

Ray at lowdtown has written some awesome articles for this site and I thought it was only right that I help him when he needs it. Here is his post he wrote This post has [...]

How many shirts should I print?!

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

This question comes up a lot and I think it really needs an article about it. I remember printing my first shirt, live every week like it's shark week, and I was asking the same [...]

Storenvy: Free online store review

Categories: E-commerce, Starting Out|

oday I’m reviewing a new e-commerce store system called storenvy which offers a free stores to everyone. It is most similar to big cartel which charges $10- $20 a month for it’s services but also includes a bunch of social networking stuff to get your site seen.

Guide to Starting a Clothing Company

Categories: Starting Out|

2 Years ago I started up a clothing company that I slowly began to doubt and eventually I abandoned it even though it generated pretty good profits for a time. Since then I have been planning a new business and have been constantly re-evaluating my ideas and designs. The bottom line is I learned a lot from starting a company even though it wasn’t entirely successful. I also have learned a lot from reading through these forums. I wanted to write to this to give a complete guide to every aspect of starting a company. This is going to be a lengthy guide but if you are new to this I think you have a lot to learn from my mistakes and experiences.

How to be a good client

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

1. clear your mind of any image you have built up. A designer cannot read your mind so the finished product will never ever look exactly how you see it. And they will not spend the next year revising the design over and over in the hope that it might. Put your ideas in the designers hands, and be excited to see something completely unique by a creative professional. 2. look carefully at your chosen designers work, develop their brief in accordance with their personal style. stop asking me to draw sexy chicks. 3. Remember that a professional designer is not a way for you to exercise your artistic frustrations, They are not just a pair of hands for you to feel creative with. A professional designer does so because of an ability to come up with ideas not just realize them, and their ideas may well be better than yours.

Ten Things You Must Do When Starting Any Clothing Brand

Categories: Starting Out|

There is no doubt about, times are tough right now. It seems like whenever you fire up your laptop or even the TV there is some sort of broadcast of a new business or organization crumbling that will somehow affect your daily life or business. With today’s economy owning or starting a clothing line could get tricky and require bringing in the big guns. Don’t worry though! There is a lot you can do as a clothing line owner to really market yourself. There are many different ways to really bring new website visitors to your brand you just have to think outside the box and sleep a little less. Here are some sure fire ways to further your reach online.

Bullshit Detector – for websites

Categories: Starting Out|

So I've run into a lot of people talking the talk, gloating about how well their company is doing, or trying to get me involved with their project. If I don't know you I will be skeptical and look at a few things that will let me know if you are full of shit : )

Networking for clothing lines

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Interviews, Marketing, Starting Out, Store Owners|

What is networking? Why is networking important? Why am I writing this and how does it have to do with Too Legit? All of these questions will be answered in the following Facet of Legitimacy. [...]